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Automation in Banking: What? Why? And How?

Automation in Banking & Financial Services in India We’re discussing tasks like analyzing budget reports, maintaining software, verifications for card approval, and keeping tabs on regulations. By automating routine procedures, businesses can free up workers to focus on more strategic and creative endeavors, such as developing individualized solutions to customers’ problems. Mobile banking applications constitute […]

10 Best E-Commerce Chatbot Tools For Boosting Sales

11 ways eCommerce chatbots can boost sales & lead generation! REVE Chat offers an intuitive chatbot platform that allows brands to create customized bots with zero coding based on eCommerce business needs. Conversational chatbot platform for eCommerce helps designing bots that ensures that you are able to provide the right answers, at the right time, […]

How to Develop Smart Chatbots Using Python: Examples of Developing AI- and ML-Driven Chatbots

How to Make a Rule-based Chatbot in Python Using Flask by Khushal Jethava Python in Plain English In the same way, we will create the output by setting 1 to the class input the pattern belongs to. In the end, the words contain the vocabulary of our project and classes contain the total entities to […]

What is symbolic artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence AI Definition, Examples, Types, Applications, Companies, & Facts Satplan is an approach to planning where a planning problem is reduced to a Boolean satisfiability problem. A more flexible kind of problem-solving occurs when reasoning about what to do next occurs, rather than simply choosing one of the available actions. This kind of meta-level […]

15 Best Generative AI Tools for Business In 2023

10 Best Generative AI Tools to Supercharge Your Creativity In this post, we will highlight 10 of the top generative AI tools that make it easier for anyone to unlock their creativity using AI. Developers may transform their designs into developer-friendly code for mobile and web apps using the DhiWise programming platform. DhiWise automates the […]